Benefits of Catching a Search Engine Optimization Whale

When companies do not use search engine optimization in 2022 when the budget is available, they lose money by not implementing their budgets into their marketing strategy. This article at WebFX discusses the difference businesses noted by making the switch from traditonal advertising to SEO. For example; if a company is paying $5,000 to $10,000 per month on Google Adwords and they are not implementing SEO on their website they are essentially throwing this money away because the ad investments will be wasted without SEO.


When content is placed up online it should receive at least 200 or more citation back links within the first few weeks to build trust. Check out whether your domain has trusted social links here at If your information is valuable and has good quality it will be shared through social media websites such as MeWe and other social media sites and article directories. If there are no back links, it would be considered “dead” content because there is little or no traffic coming to that page. Also, if the content has not been created in a way that it is easy to find then it is unlikely that people will share it.


This article provides an idea of how important SEO is for any internet marketing campaign. For example, if a company is running a paid ad on Google Adwords without implementing SEO they will invest a huge amount of money with no return. Still not impressed. this study from Search Engine Land proves that search engine optimization can bring in millions of dollars that is lost due to regular marketing.

This is loss of money that could be invested in another form of marketing strategy. In particular, companies should use SEO as it can provide huge returns in both profit and brand awareness. It costs very little to implement SEO because there are many free resources online to learn the basics and for people with some technical skills can create their own strategies to increase their website’s search rankings.

It is not the fault of the company that they do not have an SEO budget; it is a good idea to understand how SEO works and how it can benefit your company in order to make informed decisions on incentive spending. Learn from authoritative figures such as your boss, colleagues, and friends to find the best search engine optimization figures. This is something that can change the course of human interaction if used properly, effectively, and in a good-manner.

Below are reasons why SEO works and why you should implement Search Engine Optimization into your online marketing strategy.

SEO works because there are many people using the internet to research products or services that they will buy in the future. If a website is not optimized for search engines then it will not be found in searches. You cannot measure the effectiveness of a product’s traditional advertisement method but you can via Google AdWords or an other 3rd party source. Check out the study done by WebFX here:

Google Adwords cost-per-click is expensive because companies pay to have their information shown definitely when someone performs a search on Google. If you are paying $5,000 per month on Google Adwords and you are not using SEO then your spending is prolonged because people will not find your website indefinitely when they perform a search.

Many websites have been created to help people with technical skills to learn the basics  of SEO such as at 76132 SEO so that they can create their own strategies. The main goal of these websites is to create good content and teach it to get linked to other relevant sites. The more quality, relevant, and authoritative back links that a website has the higher its ranking. If the content is great, people will share it and search engines will notice it and increase its rankings. Learn how to develop great SEO strategies at this site by Backlinko in 2022.

People use the internet to research products and services before they buy them. For example, if you are researching carpets then you will likely search for keywords such as “carpet”, “carpet cleaner”, “cleaning carpets”. If your business supplies carpet cleaning services then you should be using these keywords on your website. Having your information shown when someone performs a search is a good way to get clients because you are showing up in search rankings.

SEO can be implemented for very little cost by technical people, or it can be done for free by the average business owner. Additionally, many people spend time looking at SEO blogs and websites in order to better understand how SEO works. This means that if you do not optimize your website you will miss potential customers because they will be reading the information from other companies. You need to use SEO as a part of your online marketing strategy or your competitors will be outranking you in search engine rankings for keywords.

SEO is essential to online marketing. If people do not use SEO, then they will likely lose many sales because no one will find their website and they are unlikely to spend money on Google Ads without having an optimized website first.

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